Gin gypsy




In the summer of 2014 veteran Skagit Valley musician Michelle Montoya began calling together musicians for what would soon become the powerhouse we all now know as Gin Gypsy. Shortly after their first meetings the fledgling band knew they had stumbled into something magical.


Gin Gypsy combines sounds from Swing, Rockabilly, Country, Blues and Retro Rock to create a style and feel that is all their own. Their list of covers is extensive. They are recognizable yet unique at the same time. In 2016 Gin Gypsy began to write original compositions. Their originals combine all of the aspects of their covers yet have their own beautifully distinct sound. Gin Gypsy is currently working on their first full length album set to release near end of 2018.


The members of Gin Gypsy are all veteran musicians who have been in multiple local bands around the area. Michelle Montoya (lead vocals) and Sonny Brown (percussion) performed together in a band called the Saturday Saints. JW Couey (guitar) last played with a group called Red Rocket, and Jesse Eldridge (bass) is still currently playing with a band called Bare Feet. Every member of this band is a dedicated musician and a fantastic performer.


With every show this band gains momentum. They  are constantly cultivating their sound, their look and their stage show. If you haven't seen them yet, then you are missing out. Come on out and "Get Typsy with Gin Gypsy"...oh, and don't forget your dancing shoes!!


Vocals / Michelle Montoya

Guitar / Josh Couey

Bass / Jesse Eldridge

Drums / Sonny Brown



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